The following resources and links will provide you with additional information and support.

Crisis Support:

Free 24 Hour Crisis Line: 415-781-0500


The Couples Institute is a great resource for people who want more information and tools to work on their relationships. They offer workshops, tele-seminars and articles that I find incredibly valuable.

The Gottman Relationship Institute is known for their extensive research into how to make create healthier relationships. John Gottman is one of the best known researchers and authors in this area.

Dr. Marty Klein is a well known Sex Therapist and Couples Counselor. His website offers helpful articles and information about human sexuality. I also recommend his latest book on Sexual Intelligence.

Eating Disorder Recovery:

NEDA, The National Eating Disorders Association, is a non-profit organization that supports all aspects of Eating Disorder Recovery. Their website is packed with a wealth of knowledge and education for people suffering from Eating Disorders. It’s also a great resource for families and loved ones.

APTED is the Association for Professionals Treating Eating Disorders in the Bay Area. It’s a wonderful resource to help you find groups, therapists, M.D.‘s, psychiatrists, nutritionists, treatment programs, and other qualified Eating Disorder practitioners in the Bay Area. APTED also has a wonderful low-fee counseling center in Pacific Heights.

Overeaters Anonymous is the national 12-step program that offers help to anyone suffering from issues around food, body and weight.

Overeaters Anonymous San Francisco lists all the free support groups in SF. There are many different types of meetings with different areas of focus.

ED Referral is another referral website that will connect you with Eating Disorder specialists and treatment centers throughout the U.S.

Something Fishy is another wonderful website on Eating Disorders that offers information, referrals and support.

La Ventana is a wonderful Outpatient Program in Pacific Heights with a great staff and a holistic approach to recovering from Eating Disorders.

Beyond Hunger is located in San Rafael and offers wonderful support groups for anyone suffering from food, body and weight issues.

Geneen Roth is one of my favorite authors on the topic of Eating Disorders. She has written extensively on the topic of ED’s and offers workshops and retreats as well.

The Intuitive Eating Website offers a healthy and sustainable approach to healthy eating. They have many helpful books and resources that focus on the Intuitive Eating Approach.

Jamie Lieber, M.S., L.Ac, in Pacific Heights, specializes in providing acupuncture as part of eating disorder recovery. She’s great!!!

Parenting Resources:

Aha! Parenting is a great website from clinical psychologist, Dr. Laura Markham. She has an informative website and newsletter that provides parents with tools and support in relationship-based parenting. A great resource no matter what age your child is.

Hand in Hand Parenting is a wonderful organization that supports parents via articles, online classes and discussion groups. They focus on parenting through connection.

Natural Resources in the Mission provides parents with classes and support for pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

The Mamas Resource Network is a group of practitioners in San Francisco who know how to support Moms — you can find wonderful midwives, doulas, massage therapists, acupuncturists, pilates and yoga instructors and much more.

Postpartum Support International is for Moms struggling with Postpartum Depression. This website provides lots of information and will help you connect with practitioners who can help.

Parents Place in the Bay Area offers groups, classes and counseling for parents and children.

The Golden Gate Mother’s Group helps connect Moms with each other and the community. A great resource if you’re looking to join a Mother’s Group.

Health and Well-Being:

East-West Integrative Medicine, located in Glen Park, provides the full complement of Traditional Chinese Medicine and healing techniques including acupuncture, massage therapy, Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional counseling.

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at UCSF offers a variety of Mindfulness-Based programs to include courses for stress reduction, childbirth & parenting.

San Francisco Insight Meditation Community offers meditation instruction, classes and retreats… a great resource for beginners to meditation as well as people looking to deepen their practice in a community-based environment.