Eating Disorder Recovery

San Francisco Glen Park Eating Disorder RecoveryAre you struggling with overeating, undereating, purging, body image or an obsession and preoccupation with food, body and weight? Are you ready to seek a new solution outside of the traditional dieting, restricting and ideals of perfection?

Together we will delve into your struggles with food and weight and learn to identify the underlying feelings and unmet needs that require attention. We will take a deeper look into your history and how your eating disorder developed in order to help you cope with your past and present circumstances.

I will also support you in developing a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself and your body in order to move beyond the debilitating effects of your eating disorder behaviors and into the rest of your life.

Areas of Exploration:

  • Identify beliefs, attitudes and behaviors around food, weight, exercise and body image.
  • Connect to feelings and needs underneath the obsessions and compulsions.
  • Discover your authentic self that has been covered up and protected by your eating disorder.
  • Experiment with intuitive eating, moderation, and letting go of black and white thinking.
  • Find more ways to empower yourself and your process of recovery.

Support and Information on Eating Disorders:

The Association for Professionals Treating Eating Disorders for Bay Area practitioners, treatment centers, groups, healing professionals, M.D.’s, Psychiatrists, etc.

The National Eating Disorder Association for information and resources for individuals and their families struggling with Eating Disorders.

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