Couples Therapy

San Francisco Couples TherapyAs a couple, are you feeling disconnected, lonely or divided from one another?

Are you having trouble communicating and listening to each other?

Is there a high level of tension in your relationship with misunderstandings, fighting, resentment and a feeling that the other person isn’t understanding you?

Have you had trouble transitioning into commitment, marriage or parenthood together?

Has there been a breach of trust or an infidelity?

Are you having intimacy issues?

Do you both have a willingness to work on yourselves as well as your relationship?

If so, Couples Therapy can help.

The Benefits of Couples Therapy:

  • Learn new and effective ways of communicating with each other.
  • Develop more love and trust in your relationship.
  • Work through issues together that have kept you stuck in negative patterns.
  • Reduce the fighting and reactivity.
  • Increase affection, tenderness and intimacy.
  • Move into commitment, marriage and/or parenthood with more awareness and ease.
  • Grow as a couple as well as individuals.

Find out How to Get the Most from Couples Therapy.

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